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Dark Lotus History

Dark Lotus is the darkest group that Psychopathic Records has put together. With the rock voodoo type beats and the craziest rymes its the perfect mix for a great group. DL consists of Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, Jaime Madrox, Monoxide Child, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, and ABK. This mixture of rappers made the tru tales of the lotus pod.

When Dark Lotus was first mentioned in the Re-release of Mostastless, DL only consisted of ICP and Twiztid. They also planned Mike Clark as the lead producer but later on used Mike Peezy since he helped make the Lotus Studio.

Dark Lotus then started with 5 people but only recorded a couple of songs before they had Marz join the gruoup. I feel that Marz was a mistake and they found out later. His rymes were good but he was a bitch, he was kicked off during the Gathering of 2001. Now there are many stories why he left but all I know for sure is he's gone for good and even tried to retaliate with a beaf song against psychopathic. Dark Lotus did not retaliate because they don't give a fuck!

After the Tales of The Lotus Pod was out, they knew they had to add someone and come out with a Real Tales of The Lotus Pod. ABK just joined psychopathic records and he had the perfect voice to blend the real dark lotus album. So they made a remake of the Lotus Pod with Marz's lyrics takin out even his background voices, and they added Abk's pimp ass lyrics to make the perfect album.

With these 6 artist together on one album is a great idea. Now Esham is on Psychopathic Records so no telling of he will join Dark Lotus for their new album wich hasn't been released yet. Dark Lotus might change artists here and there or add artists but Dark Lotus will allway's be Psychopathic!

Another Dark Lotus Bio "The sinister group known as Dark Lotus has finally awakened...
July 17, 2001 was the date that finally released a taste of what Dark Lotus was all about. After more than 2 years of speculation and holding it off, Dark Lotus eventually emerged from the darkness. -*Note that the Dark Lotus album was released on the 17th of July*- Anyways the album was released to a few thousand lucky Juggalos on the Gathering of the Juggalos which was about a week earlier than the scheduled nationwide release date.

Dark Lotus consists of Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, Jamie Madrox, Monoxide Child, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, and Anybody Killa. Now lets go back to an ex-member of Dark Lotus. You know who the fuck I'm talking about......Marz. Thats right muthafackos, Marz. That really pissed me off when J announced Marz was out. What the fuck was that? And they didn't even tell him in person and just posted it up on the site. That was pretty fucked up. And over some stupid ass reason which I won't get into right now, because its a long fuckin story.

So the album was released and it was #1 on some independent charts, which was really surprising, because I went to a number of record stores and they said they didn't carry it, and probably never heard of it. I finally had to order it on Amazon.com which took about two weeks for me to get. The second I got a taste of it, BLAMMMMMMMMMM! my fuckin head exploded. Let me tell you, that was some of the craziest, wickedest, sickest, most diabolical shit I've ever heard. I guess the two year wait was well worth it. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks later news came up that Marz was out, which I discussed earlier, and Anybody Killa was the new sixth member. Now they're working on the re-release of Dark Lotus-Tales from the Lotus Pod with the Marz lyrics out and Anybody Killas in. Plus a couple of new songs, and a special guest, you know it, Three Six muthafuckin Mafia. So only time will tell how long Dark Lotus will last until the awakening of the DARK CARNIVAL?!?

Another Dark Lotrus Bio
Dark Lotus, the ultra Psychopathic line up… The story behind Dark Lotus is just as complicated as any other. Back in 1998 when Twiztid signed with Psychopathic Records, the word of a Dark Lotus group emerged. The group was Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, Monoxide Child, and Jamie Madrox. The devastating group was set to release the album “Tales From the Lotus Pod” in late 2000.

In 1999, Insane Clown Posse released their album, The Amazing Jeckel Brothers. Track sixteen was the door-opener for Dark Lotus. The song was “Echo Side” and it was Dark Lotus’s first appearance and single. The next year, a single CD was pressed and released for a day locally in Detroit. This CD single was the same that debuted on the Amazing Jeckel Brothers album.

The word of Dark Lotus grew more and more and the line up fell more into play. There was expected to be six pedals (members) to the lotus. In 2000, Blaze was announced to be the fifth member. The sixth member was yet to be released. In late 2000 or early 2001, Blaze left Psychopathic due to money issues. Esham the Unholy was to replace Blaze on Dark Lotus.

Later in 2001, Blaze came back to Psychopathic and Esham was booted. Some new tracks were created and Anybody Killa was speculated to be the sixth member due to his appearance in the Dark Lotus song “Drunken Ninja Master” which can be found on Twiztid’s Cryptic Collection 2 CD. Most of the recorded tracks were scrapped.

In 2001, ICP kicked off their Bizzar Bizaar Tour with opening act, Marz. Once J heard him, he knew Marz had to be in Dark Lotus. Right then and there, Marz was announced to be the sixth member of Dark Lotus. This was a big surprise to the Juggalos because no one knew who the fuck Marz was. Regardless, they released “Tales From the Lotus Pod” at the 2001 Gathering of the Juggalos.

In 2002, Anybody Killa was signed to Psychopathic Records (finally). Psychopathic said “Let’s revise Tales From the Lotus Pod and put Anybody Killa in instead of Marz.” With this quickness, this was done and released at the 2002 Gathering of the Juggalos. So all in all, the Lotus pedals are Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, Monoxide Child, Jamie Madrox, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, and Anybody fuckin’ Killa!